Student Publications

High school student publications are a great avenue for incorporating all learning skill sets. Whether it’s analytical writing, graphic design, web design and/or photography, our student publications enhance core curriculum and create an outlet for creativity in an all-girls atmosphere.

The Siren and Les Vitraux are perfect examples of this. The Siren is an online literary magazine, hosted and produced by the high school students. It features creative projects using multimedia, audio and visual arts components. Les Vitraux, published once a year, showcases student poetry and student photography. These publications are open to all students.

Our locally, state and nationally recognized high school journalism program features Le Journal, the newsmagazine; Le Journal Live, the online student news website; and Le Flambeau, the yearbook. Using the latest Adobe Creative Suite 6 products, our high school students write, edit, photograph and design these publications that report on and record the year’s activities. These three publications also offer great leadership opportunities and reinforce critical English skills in college. Although there are prerequisite courses for these three publications, there are no restrictions on student participation.

The Newspaper Association of America Foundation in a 2008 study found that high school journalism students earn a higher grade point average, score better on college entrance exams and demonstrate better writing and grammar skills in college compared with students who had no involvement with their school’s newspaper or yearbook. Our high school students, using the latest Adobe Creative Suites, write, edit, photograph and design these publications that report on and record the year’s activities.

With all Sion’s publications, we hope to create a well-rounded student and encourage creativity in the pursuit of academic excellence.

Senior Yearbook Ads

If you would like to honor your daughter with a tribute ad in the 2014-2015 yearbook, please click here.


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