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Notre Dame de Sion School is committed to building an innovative environment where students are able to acquire, evaluate, comprehend and share information through methods that are natural to the way they learn. Developing these experiences involves an information rich environment where students engaged and take full ownership of their learning. Allowing students and teachers to use a wide variety of technologies creates the opportunity for students to find new and appropriate ways to collaborate, research, solve complex problems, create original work, and publish their knowledge.

Sion students have access to their own device through our 1:1 program (iPads for grades K-4 and MacBook Airs for grade 5-12) as well as two publications labs, video and sound production equipment, robust wireless connectivity, interactive whiteboards, and full access to Google Apps for Education.

Technology extends and enhances student learning through an integrated curriculum approach at both the High School and Grade School. This approach supports a more effective use of digital technology and addresses the diverse learning styles of our students. Students come to understand the dynamic nature of technology and develop a set of tools that they can use now and the knowledge to adapt to future innovations.

Student technology experiences are aligned with the National Education Technology Standards allowing them to gain appropriate and authentic utilization and appreciation of technology in the 21st century. Students in grades K-3 participate in weekly STEAM classes in our grade school MakerSpace. Digital Literacy is acquired through our Library Media classes and our online LMS and extended for our students in grades 9-12 in our “Choose Your Tech Tracts” where students can explore technology strands from coding & robotics to filmmaking, animation and graphic design. You will find all Sion students researching, collaborating through web applications, constructing knowledge through online discussions, and creating meaningful content using rich media practices.


What do rolling tubular goals, plastic wiffle balls falling from a house like structure and moving robots have in common?

They are all part of U.S. First Tech Challenge Robotics Competition Cascade Effect! This is our 3rd season with our All-Girls Robotics Team S.T.O.R.M. coached by Marilyn Stewart and Ron Cosner. First Lego League Teams in grades 4-5 are coached by Christian Eikermann.

FIRST Tech Challenge is a robotics program that promotes project-based learning. Using a proven formula to engage student interest in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). FIRST teams collaborate with business, engineering, and science professionals, and working together, become a focal point of the community in which they live.

“Like all FIRST programs, FIRST Tech Challenge is about more than robots. Through their participation, students learn the value of hard work and creative problem-solving. As they tackle CASCADE EFFECT this season, FIRST Tech Challenge teams must work together, share ideas, and understand that failure is part of the road to success — much like a ‘real-world’ engineering project they would encounter in the workforce.” - Donald E. Bossi, FIRST President

Using a combination of motors, controllers, wireless communications, metal gears, and sensors our 2 teams have programmed their robots to operate on a specially designed field. The object of this year’s competition is to score more points than an opponent by placing balls into rolling goals and then moving goals into scoring areas. The great part is that all team work in alliances in each match, so your friend in one match could be a foe in the next. It is fast paced, fun, and students learn so much beyond STEM.

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