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January 20-22

Sister Act, Musical

March 2-3

Rosie the Riveter, Spring Play

April 2017

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April 2017

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Lettering in Performing Arts

Lettering and Bar Worksheet - Drama

Lettering and Bar Worksheet - Music

Performing Arts

Through the exploration of universal human themes and emotions using the medium of acting and interpretation, students will gain perspective into the art of theatrical performance. Our High School students will engage in hands-on acting, directing, and competitive experiences through our annual musical performed at Avila University’s Goppert Theater, student-directed one-act plays and original pieces written by Sion students.

Symphonie de Sion

Instrumental participants will be aware of listening to other members of the orchestra to improve musical performance. They will grow in their ability to read music at sight for the first time. They will learn how to perform all major, harmonic minor, and melodic minor scales and arpeggios; identify all major and minor key signatures and time signatures. Students will learn finer points of instrumental performance like phrasing, dynamics, musical terminology. They will learn about architecture of, and construction in, music composition; intonation; history of music and composers. Students will be encouraged on their path of life-long love of music, and the desire to make music, both on their own and with other people.

Petit et Grand Chœur de Sion

Through the study, performance, and enjoyment of music, music students at Sion will grow in their ability to listen discriminately, become team players, read music at sight, gain a knowledge of key and time signatures, understand music periods and styles and how they fit in with world history, and be enriched by a variety of styles of music. Students will gain mastery over solfege, differing styles, good vocal techniques, and knowledge of foreign language diction over a wide range of more sophisticated musical styles.   Students will be exposed to a cursory knowledge of music history and music theory, and advanced skill with solfege and sight reading practices. Because of the depth of exposure to different music, the Chœur singer will have a greater opportunity to nurture her life-long love of the beauty and benefits of music.


High School Spring Play

Rosie the Riveter

7:00 p.m. on Thursday, March 2 and Friday, March 3
Avila University 's Goppert Theater

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