Chris Broderick

Welcome To Sion! 

Today, Notre Dame de Sion School celebrates more than 100 years in Kansas City with two unique campuses to call home. At the heart of the Sion Mission is a deep commitment to academic excellence, spiritual development and educating our students to become authentic leaders for Social Justice both in our local communities and as global citizens. Sion maintains its rich history and tradition as a safe space for learning, and giving each student the opportunity to develop and be at their best. From the personalized, co-educational academic programs at our grade school campus, to the inclusive and progressive nature of our all-girls’ high school campus, Sion uniquely and warmly receives students of all backgrounds to thrive as a “Sionian.”

The founder of the Congregation of the Sisters of Notre Dame de Sion, Fr. Theodore Ratisbonne, believed that “somewhere in the world, there must be a school, some sort of sanctuary where the mysteries of the present and the future could be revealed.” Sion is a place to experience an engaging college preparatory education within a nurturing and caring “sanctuary” for all students.

Notre Dame de Sion School continues to bring this vision to reality. An education at Sion is rooted in our Catholic identity and deep commitment to justice and service.  Along with a vigorous and enriching curriculum, we are proud to invite our students to continue growing in their understanding and respect of cultural and religious diversity. Together with our outstanding faculty, Sion students continue to develop the skills necessary for developing strong character, collaborating with each other and the community, expanding their critical thinking skills, enhancing their creativity, and going on to not only thrive in an ever changing world, but bring the “sanctuary” of Sion to those who need it most.

As you consider the next step in your educational journey, I invite you to consider the Notre Dame de Sion difference.

Peace in Sion,

Christina K. Broderick
Head of School


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