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Hot Lunch Payment Discounts

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Lunch Program

Future Foodies

Notre Dame de Sion is committed to creating a healthy school environment that supports the development of lifelong wellness practices and promotes healthy eating. We are pleased to announce that Sion alumna Jackie Kincaid Habiger's company Future Foodies, will continue to prepare delicious hot lunches on-site.

Lunch order forms will be available online each month. All lunch payments must be made online by credit card or ACH. If a student forgets his/her lunch, we will make every effort to serve them that day’s lunch if there is a balance on the student's lunch account. Sion is unable to provide a refund for hot lunches ordered on snow days and other absences as the food is purchased in advance.

At the high school campus, we will introduce the option to add money to a student account for the purpose of purchasing "Pick 2" from soup, sandwich and salad bar without pre-ordering. No cash will be accepted for the lunch program. Microwaves are available in the dining room for those students who bring their lunches. There are also vending machines available for drinks, chips, etc.

Lunch FAQs

Q:  How will I order hot lunches for my child?
The monthly hot lunch menu will be posted on the hot lunch page of the school website on the Monday prior to the start of the next month.  Parents will use the online ordering system to place orders.  All lunches must be pre-ordered and pre-paid at least one week in advance and can be purchased as soon as the menu is posted.  

Q:  Can orders be placed at any time?
Weekly orders must be completed by the Friday 5:00 pm prior to the start of the week.

Q:  How much will lunches cost?  
Lunches will cost $4.35 at the grade school and $5.65 at the high school for hot lunch or the "Pick 2" from the soup, salad and sandwich bar. Grade school additional entrees can be purcahsed for $2.50

Q: Are any discounts available?  
On both campuses, lunch can be pre-paid a semester (5% discount) at a time or for the full school year (10% discount).

Q:  Will I be able to sign up multiple children at once?
Parents will be able to sign up to 5 children at once.

Q:  What forms of payment will be accepted?
Hot lunches will be paid for by credit card/debit card or ACH , and only through the online system at or you can purchase the discounted pre-paid lunch.

Grade School Prepaid Lunch

High School Prepaid Lunch

Q:  What if my child has a field trip?
Field trips will be on the school calendar.  As you select your lunches, if there is a field trip scheduled, there will be a notification on that day.  

Q:  Will I get a refund if my child is sick on a day we ordered hot lunch?
There are no refunds if a child is sick or absent for any reason, including unexpected snow days.  You can pick up the lunch during the lunch period if desired when the school is open.

Q:  Will I be able to change my lunch order after it has been placed or cancel it?
Parents will have the option of canceling/changing a lunch order by Friday of the prior week only.

Q:  What will happen if my child forgets to bring his/her lunch?  Will a hot lunch be available?

Cooked entrees will not be available.  However, at the High School, the soup, sandwich & salad bar may be deducted from your account the day of purchase. Log into to add funds for this option.

Q:  What if I have remaining money on account at the end of the year?
At the end of the year, any balance can be refunded or held over for the next year.  

Q:  Will I be able to print out or access my order throughout the month so that I can keep track at home?
Yes.  Your order will be emailed to you immediately after payment.


Grade School Milk Program FAQs

Q:  Will milk be available for purchase?
Orders for milk will be accepted in August.

Q: How much will milk cost for the year?
The annual price for milk will be as follows:
5 days per week- $67
3 days per week- $41

You may purchase milk online here or cash or checks made out to Sion, for the milk program only, will be accepted at the front desk.

Q:  When will milk be available?
Milk will be available on the first day of school.


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