Welcome to Sion-USA!

Notre Dame de Sion School in Kansas City is pleased to welcome two French students from Sion Evry in Paris who will be attending our school. Joséphine Breuleux and Sarah Pellé arrived in mid-October and will be staying with their American Sion sisters and visiting their class schedules with them. Vive Sion!

Exchange Programs

Notre Dame de Sion prides itself in providing opportunities for our students to have hearts larger than the world while taking part in the priceless experience of encountering other cultures. Sion is one of nineteen Sion schools worldwide founded by the Congregation of Our Lady of Sion. Because of this, the High School is able to facilitate an International Exchange Program that unites students from Sion in Kansas City with other Sion students from different backgrounds, languages and cultures throughout the world. Through the International Exchange program, Sion community members can become self-confident, global citizens.

Current Exchange Opportunities

Our Lady of Sion College in Melbourne
Program Coordinator: Nancy Stevens

Colegio Nuestra Señora de Sión in San José, Costa Rica
Program Coordinator: April Schendel

Notre Dame de Sion in Evry or Marseille
Program Coordinator: Liz Bono

Canisiusschule Ahaus – A Catholic school in Ahaus, Germany
Program Coordinator: Paul Kramschuster


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